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Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Kristen, but you can call me K-Huff. I started this website as a sophomore in college because I realized how many wise, incredible people I was surrounded by on a regular basis. Since then, I have been hoping to give the people I care about a platform to say whatever has been on their heart that they feel like others would benefit from. I’ve received over 140 words of wisdom over the past year ranging from life advice to Jesus to COVID-19 and more. Feel free to check out the tabs and graphics: I guarantee you’ll leave feeling encouraged. And if you feel led to write something, you’re welcome to add your voice below. : )

With love, K Huff<3

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  • Black Lives Matter!
    Black Lives Matter!

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Final Project Reflection

So, at the beginning of this project I was not the most enthused about working with WordPress because I just did not think it would allow me to have the freedom with this website that I was wanting. But boy was I wrong. Every problem I came across, I found a plugin that saved the…

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To the wisdom-filled, God-fearing, day-making people I have the pleasure of being surrounded by: consider this my eternal thank you. Your words are important, your presence is so so valuable, and your stories deserve to be heard. Here’s to celebrating little miracles and impactful words!“What has been on your heart lately/what is one piece of wisdom…

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Wise words about COVID-19

This is Nick Milavec.Nick is a friend from my hometown that I didn’t know until college, and once again I think we are forever bonded for our love of FayCo. It is clear watching the way Nick lives that he seeks to leave an impact, and in one year I’m convinced he’s already passed that goal with…

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portable mantras

Letting go doesn’t mean losing. Notice how incredible people are for just being themselves. Live your life with an open hand, fully ready for God to give and take away. The most humble thing you can do is love yourself. Life will be full if you spend it chasing after the Father’s heart. Learn to…

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Some Advice on Life!

This is Jake Blair.Jake is such an example of compassion in my life. The way he seeks others out, not just to know their names but to know their stories, is so special. Being around Jake shows me so much more of who Jesus is, because he loves and cares for everyone so intentionally. I…

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