Project Two

Panel One

Panel 1 challenged me initially when I was trying to decide what I wanted the layout to look like. But, I ended up being really happy with how it looks. I loved adding the cards at the bottom with the individual pictures of the members. I felt as if their images + the images of the albums tied in a good color theme as well as how i styled the links. I was troubled at first also with finding a way to add buttons to the body of the website rather than leaving them at the header but i then just styled the links in the resources section. Once i was finished with it, I liked the design of my panel one so much that I wanted to, in a way, try to mirror the layout in the next 2 panels. This definitly challenged me a lot in a similar way as project one did, as both websites started from scratch and we had to create our own theme. But, the more I worked on it, the more excited I was about being so free with the design and making it my own.

Panel Two

Panel two was so fun for me. Since all we had to do was add in content, it made me super excited for how i wanted to style panel 3. I loved the theme of Agency for my website especailly for the placement of the albums and how you can click on them to learn more about that specific era. I also loved getting to use the timeline to showcase the members in a more focused way in comparison to panel 1. I also liked, in the members section, having the circles behind my images, placing more of a focus on the images but adding a fun design behind them so it was not just a plain white screen. Another reason I chose this theme was because i loved how the nav-bar would take me to any part of the screen with a simple click. I know most themes did this, but just the layout of it and how each one lights up as I scrolled through it was so interesting to me.

Panel Three

Panel 3 was a bit overwhelming when I had to contend with the css stylesheet the bootstrap theme was originially styled with. Once i got into the editing and was able to figure out the color scheme I wanted to go with, it started falling into place. I really loved adding the color gradient background as well as styling each of the buttons/links to look similar. While this color scheme was much different than panel 1, I liked the way the nav-bar looks a lot more with these colors than the ones used in panel 1. I loved the black and red and how the links changed colors when hovered over. I would like to learn how to work a carousel. I tried adding one to both panel 2 and 3 but could not figure out how to adjust the images/the size of the carousel. I also would like to further figure out how to get elements to slide into the screen, this is something I wanted to add for the album section. I am proud of the links and how I was able to style them at the bottom of the page, as well as the styling of the albums and members as well! I also really love the addition of the border to the intro section (So, "Who is One DIrection?" Might you ask?"). Overall, this project was a huge learning curve for me. It took me much longer to figure all of it out than I thought it would but the process of learning this information is so rewarding!