Leader. Graphic Designer. People Person. Front End Web Designer.

About Me

About Me

Fourth Year advertising major at the University of Georgia.

  • Name: Jacey Conti
  • Phone: 7068304582
  • City: City : Augusta, Georgia
  • Age: 22
  • Email: jaceyjlc@gmail.com
  • Degree: BA Advertising
  • Minor:Fashion Merchandising
  • Certificate: New Media
  • Certificate: ILA: Personal and Organizational Leadership
  • Current Work Status:Communications Intern for Institute for Leadership Advancement
Who I Am

Who I Am

Hello! Welcome to my website! I am a fourth year Advertising student at the University of Georgia, also pursuing a minor in Fashion Merchandising, Certificate in New Media and a Certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership. I am passionate about the rapid growth of technology and hope to tie my knowledge of this world to my desire to tell a brands story, as well as connecting to those around me. Along with this, I am a huge fan of coffee, Harry Styles, good eats, traveling, and loving people well. Thank you for being here!

Web Design

Web Design

New Media Production and Advanced Production Website Projects

Projects ranging from basic handcoding with HTML and CSS, to utilizing bootstrap and wordpress themes, to working with Javascript.

NMIX 4110 Project 1

Handcoded Website

NMIX 4110 Project 2

Website Built with Bootstrap

NMIX 4110 Project 3

Websites Built With Wordpress.org

NMIX 4110 Project 4

Javascript Arcade

NMIX 4110 Final Project

Re-created Blog with Wordpress

NMIX7110 Project 1

NMIX7110 Movie Quote Generator

NMIX 7110 Cat Components API

NMIX 7110 Final Projext - Christmas Jitters

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

For a graphic design course, my final project was to utilize the skills I had learned about photoshop and create an advertisement for the Athens Humane Society.

NMIX6111 Projects

New Media Design

Below are images that I created in my New Media Design course by utilizing a multitude of Adobe Software.
This course taught me how to better use Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, and Spark through a 3 different modules
that consisted of lessons about Typography and Photography, UX and UI, and the tools and theories of web design.

Tools & Theory of Web Design Module

For the first project, we were assigned clients to make a website and logo for based on the brand they desired.
My client wanted a sports blog website, with a logo that relfected a simplistic look similar to that of Nike or Urban Outfitters,
while incorporating the color theme of his choice. This whole process was completed in AdobeXD, where I created a website for an Iphone X, Ipad Pro, and MacBook.
I also created four logos Illustrator, as well as a final styleguide in XD

Photography and Typography Module

For this module, I was prompted with tasks to increase my knowledge of photography and typography.
The first two images are a part of the modules first task: capturing images that both clearly represent one of the pillars of photography.
The third image was the final project of the module. This assignment tasked me to tie together both the photography
and typography skills I have gained, and use them to create an image that reflects a mood I desired to emulate. For my image,
I took a picture of my college-homes' living room with our pet cat, with the implication of creating a cozy, snuggly mood.

UI & UX Module

Click here to view the Vege Diner Website

For this project, along with a partner, I was tasked with creating a brand, 3 personas, a series of promotions,
variations of a logo, a style guide, a website and a presentation explaining each element of what we created. Down
below you will see each aspect of the project we created. Click below to view the site we created with a bootstrap theme.

Click Here to View our Responsive Vege Diner App