Project 6!


1. created nav bar, for .. well.. navigation!

2. use of external css styling sheet to make the page look more aesthetic as well as further simplify navigating the page

3. used the component cat and added html into the component so the js file has a template to follow

4. declared the variable whichcat as a string value to work alongside the elements toyg, raga, bamb, ragd, and soma with differing values to pull the data into the file

5. used vue to call values from the div "description" into image.breeds[0]

6. created a slideshow within the img component in order to utilize buttons that cycle through the photos that are called on

7. a bonus! Mr. Aldrige's method of utilizing/transfering data from loadNextImage (which grabs data ((arrays)) from the url and gives values to the selected breeds) to allofit (which is then tied to a slideshow that utilizes the values)!