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New Media Certificate Journey

I am an Advertising major, with a minor in Fashion Merchandising, and am pursuing a certificate in New Media, along with a masters in Emerging Media. This page is home to each of the classes I will complete on my journey to finishing the New Media certificate, as well as hosts each of the projects I complete while taking each of these courses. I began this journey by completing New Media Production, NMIX4110, where I learned the basics of front end web design with the coding languages of CSS, HTML:5, and a tiny bit of javascript. This course prompted me to handcode my own three-page website, utilize bootstrap themes where I would customize them in Visual Studio Code, work with Wordpress themes, complete a multitude of challenges on Free Code Camp and more. Down below you will find the projects I completed in this course.

The second course I completed for this certificate is NMIX6111, New Media Design. This course taught me the basics of a few Adobe Products, those being Illustrator, Photoshop, Spark, XD, and a bit of InDesign. Below, you will find the work I completed throughout this course.


New Media Production

This class opened up a new world for me. I can positively say, up until this point in my college career, this class has taught me the most of any other class I have completed. From just learning the basics of setting up a mac to be simpler to use, to operating dropbox, using an FTP, having better organized files, all the way to building my own websites. I now feel so comfortable with Visual Studio Code and utilizing HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress.org, and even a tiny bit of Javascript. As I had no prior experience with any of these topics prior to taking this class, I have gained so much knowledge through this course.

Project One - Hand Coded Website

Project one consisted of building my own website with the HTML and CSS I knew at that time. It had to be three pages, and showcase CSS the skills we had learned from the class.

Project Two Coverpage

Project two consisted of building three separate websites, each being a revised version of the one before by incoroporating bootstrap contents/themes.

Project Three Coverpage

This project consisted of building two websites with Wordpress.org. One being an E-Commerce Website and the other being a News Website

Project Four Homepage - Javascript Arcade!

The challenge for project four was to complete multiple javascript challenges, use custom CSS to personalize these challenges, and create a website to serve as a host to the challenges.

Final Project

The final project gave us free range to create whatver we wanted. I decided to re-create one of my friends blog websites using Wordpress.


Advanced New Media Production

I can easily say this class has grown me in my understanding of coding more than any of the other classes i have taken.
New media production laid the framework for me to reach this course, but this course allowed me to understand an immense amount of backend development.
The thought of taking a class purely about javascript really scared me, this course challenged me, as the topics were very meticullous and difficult to
understand in the introduction lessons. This class taught me a bit of javascript - utilizing API's, node, github, arrays, and other intro java basics. It was a thorough challenge
but grew me a lot in my understanding of backend development.

  • Advanced Production Homework Webpage
  • Here lies the weekly assignments and lesson introductions that alllowed me to develop an efficient understanding of javascript to create the listed projects

  • Project 1
  • Three separate slideshows pulling information from separate functions

  • Movie Quote Generator
  • Get inspirational movie quotes with the click of a button

  • Cat Components API
  • Cat Components! This project allowed me to utilize the skills I have learned with working with API's

  • Final Project! Christmas Jitters!
  • Can't get Christmas off of my mind. Here is a Countdown to Christmas with different locations where you can find Santa!


    New Media Design

    This section highlights projects I completed throughout a semester of taking New Media Design.
    This class challenged me in a multitude of ways,most specifically with learning how to comfortably work with Adobe Software.
    Each of the projects below were created with the Adobe Software, besides the website which was created in bootstrap.

    Photography and Typography Module

    For this module, I was prompted with tasks to increase my knowledge of photography and typography. The first two images are a part of the modules first task: capturing images that both clearly represent one of the pillars of photography. The third image was the final project of the module. This assignment tasked me to tie together both the photography and typography skills I have gained, and use them to create an image that reflects a mood I desired to emulate. For my image, I took a picture of my college-homes' living room with our pet cat, with the implication of creating a cozy, snuggly mood.

    Tools & Theory of Web Design Module

    For the first project, we were assigned clients to make a website and logo for based on the brand they desired. My client wanted a sports blog website, with a logo that relfected a simplistic look similar to that of Nike or Urban Outfitters, while incorporating the color theme of his choice. This whole process was completed in AdobeXD, where I created a website for an Iphone X, Ipad Pro, and MacBook. I also created four logos Illustrator, as well as a final styleguide in XD

    UX and UI Module

    For this project, along with a partner, I was tasked with creating a brand, 3 personas, a series of promotions, variations of a logo, a style guide, a website, a responsive app in XD, and a presentation explaining each element of what we created. Down below you will see each aspect of the project we created. Click below to view the site we created with a bootstrap theme.