Lets Talk about Recycling

What can be recycled?

Here are some of the most common items to recycle:

And here are items that are thought to be recyclable but are not:

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How To Get Started

Set Up Recycling Bins

The simplest way to get started: set up recycling bins inside of your home near your trash so you can sort as you go.

Recycling Drop Off Centers

If where you live does not have an option of curbside recycling pick up, there is likely a drop off center located generally close.

Recycle Even When You Are Not Home

If you take trash with you on the go, at work, in the store, make sure to keep up with it to be recycled later on.

Save Grocery Bags

Many grocery stores both accept and recycle plastic bags. Save yours and bring them when you go grocery shopping.

Buy Recycled Goods

This helps your efforts go full circle! Many of your basic household products are made from recycled items. Just check for the recycled label!